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How Broaching Works

Rotary Broaching (also known as Wobble Broaching), is unlike the
conventional broaching method, where a sequence of polygon forms,
that increase in size, are pushed through a hole until the desired form
size is achieved. The Rotary Broach, in one pass, cuts the full form, one
corner at a time, without the need for a secondary operation.  This
operation works well on Horizontal or Vertical Spindle Machines such
as Lathes, Mills, CNC and other turning machines.

Rotary Broaching is a very accurate method for producing internal
polygon forms at a very fast rate. The entire operation can be completed
within seconds and can produce forms to 0.0005" accuracy or better. It is
no wonder that Rotary Broaching is becoming increasingly popular in the medical, automotive, aerospace and plumbing industries.

A  Rotary Broach Tool Holder and Broach are the only necessary components
to achieve the Rotary Broaching process.  The principle which
makes this process work is the 1 angle of the cutting tool to the centerline
of the work piece.  This causes the Rotary Broach to shear into the work
piece with a chisel or scalloping effect as the broach is fed into the part to
the depth required.  Since the Rotary Broach Tool Holder has a live spindle
that holds the broaching tool, the spindle spins freely within the Tool Holder
and it is driven by contact with the rotating work piece or the machine spindle. Because our Rotary Broach Tool Holders are adjustment-free, there is minimal setup required.

With Rotary Broaching it is possible to broach such forms as:
   Hexagon    Square    Torx    Serration    Keyways    Double Square
   Double D    Double Hex    Involute    Spline    Spur Gear    J500
   And Other Polygon Forms

Special Form Rotary Broaches

The most common forms are hexagons and squares. Standard broach
tools are made from M-2 High Speed Steel but may be produced from
harder material such as PM T-15 or PM M-4 H.S.S. Coating such as
Titanium Nitride, Titanium Carbo-Nitride or Titanium Aluminum-Nitride
can be added for additional strength, longevity and durability.

These forms can be broached in aluminum, brass, steel, titanium,
plastic and other such materials at a depth up to 2 times the diameter
of the broach.

Rotary Broaching is a fast and accurate method used to make a polygon
form into the end of a part without the need for a secondary operation.

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