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Quote Request for Special Options

Internal Rotary Broach Special Ordering Options

Premium Materials
Standard rotary broaches are made from M2 tool steel. We also offer premium materials including P4 or T15, powdered metal tool steels more durable broaches.

No Vent Holes or Double Vent Holes
Our rotary broaches come standard with a pressure relief vent hole through the center. On some occasions you may need an additional vent hole through the side of the rotary broach or you may want to order a rotary broach without any relief vent holes.

Common coatings available for rotary broach cutters include Titanium Carbonitride (CN), Titanium Nitride (TN) and Titanium Aluminum Nitride (AN). This will allow the rotary broach to last longer.

Corner Radius
A radius can be added to the cutting edge. This may help reduce chip size and pressure while improving tool life. However, please check to see that the mating part will not interfere if the hole does not have sharp corners.

Overall Length
Rotary broaches may be manufactured to custom overall lengths (O.A.L.). A longer length may be needed to reach a form created inside a counter bore or other feature of a part that you are broaching.

Cut Length
The amount of material removed to create the cut length (or 'E' length) is also adjustable. However, if the back taper gets too close to the center this may weaken the tool and it will not be suitable for rotary broaching.

Polygon broaches with flat sizes +.0000 / -.0005 can also be manufactured to stricter  tolerances. However, this tight of tolerance is not recommended for rotary broaching and may have little impact on production.

Dish Angle
The dish allows the chip to curl in a flowing pattern away from the cutting edge. Custom dish angles or no dish angle are be available upon request.

Locating Flat
The "Flat" used to lock the broach to the tool holder can be repositioned or offered in an alternate location. Sometimes, the "Flat" can be aligned to an edge of the form for help with alignment.

Download PDF Request Rotary Broach Form

* Many of these options are also available for external rotary broaches.

Rotary Broaching Tool Holder

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